Our Photographers

Discover Kodiak owes a huge debt to the talented photographers who contributed to this website.  We know that we will have missed some, so if one of your photos is included in this website and your name and/or bio are not listed here, please email member@kodiak.org so we can add you to this distinguished list.


Katie Benson

Kathryn E. Benson has been photographing landscapes and taking portrait photos since 1996. She enjoys traveling and spending time photographing her son.  Katie is an active duty Coast Guard member who enjoys participating in photo groups in her “off duty” time.  One of her photos achieved Honorable Mention by National Geographic in 2010. She has been featured in the Discover Kodiak Visitor Guide since 2011.  You may contact Katie through her Facebook page Kathryn Linnekin-Benson.


Delores Evans

Delores is an amateur photography having taken up the hobby several years ago. As a Coast Guard spouse, she has had the opportunity to photograph stunning landscapes and wildlife from across the country.  None of her images are more stunning than those she has been able to capture on Kodiak Island. Her photographs can be viewed at capturingkodiak.blogspot.com.


Jeanne Friel

Jeanne Friel is a 40 year resident of Kodiak and lifelong Alaskan. She loves the outdoors and usually always has a camera in her hand. Jeanne enjoys photographing wildlife and scenery and has been known to sit patiently for the right shot.  To see more of Jeanne’s photography contact her at jeannefriel@mac.com.


Jack Holmes

Jack is a freelance photographer who lives and works in Louisiana.  He believes that photographs are treasures to be displayed and passed along to your family – generation to generation. His objective is to capture that fleeting moment in time and allow the viewer to see the moment as if they were there. He enjoys being outdoors and digitally capturing the intriguing wildlife and beautiful landscapes that surround us. His passion for photography provides many opportunities to travel and capture images. He will shoot many images just to get the few photographs that can be viewed as a treasure. He has been in photography for over 30 years. As a recent retiree from industry, he now focuses all of his time to photography.  See more of his work at  http://www.jackholmesphotography.com.


Jessica Horn

Jessica is a amateur photographer who is a lifelong Alaskan and has been living in Kodiak since 2001.


Meg Inokuma

Meg has lived in Kodiak since 2008. Through photography she enjoys capturing scenery and wildlife. She has been fortunate to volunteer for the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge and her efforts have taken her to some beautiful places on Kodiak Island.  From Meg: “This ineffable wilderness is a can’t miss experience when you visit Kodiak.“  You can see more of Meg’s work at https://picasaweb.google.com/EaglesFeather.


Nancy Johnson

Nancy lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband Chris and their cat Rex. She enjoys gardening, travel photography, family and friends and loves working on home improvement projects.  Nancy and her husband are frequent visitors to Kodiak.  She loves taking photos with her Canon 7D.  She works for Coffeetown Press, a book publisher in Seattle and many of her photos have appeared on book covers.



Kimberly Katelnikof

Kimberly is a stay at home mom of three children who married her best friend. She is a family oriented person whose hobbies include taking photographs, bowling and spending time with friends and family.  Born and raised in Elko, Nevada, when Kimerly arrived in Kodiak, she knew it was going to be home.


Barbara Large

Barbara and her husband have been living in Kodiak since 1974.  They were young and decided to go on an Alaskan adventure for a year or so. They packed their bags and infant son and headed for Kodiak. Several years and two more children later, they are still in Kodiak.  The beauty of the island has a “siren song” all of its own.  Barbara believes you can travel all over the world, but Kodiak will draw you back home.  Some of her most spectacular and favorite photos are taking form her front porch while she watches her grandchildren play.


Kelly Moore

Kelly lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with her husband, Matt and two beautiful daughters.  She and her family had the good fortune to live on Kodiak for nearly three years with the US Coast Guard. While she loves taking photographs no matter where their adventures take them, she has found Kodiak to be one of the most breathtaking places on earth. They are hoping to come back to Kodiak  and hope to call Alaska their permanent home one day.


Amanda Morales

Amanda is stationed at the U.S. Coast Guard Communication Station in Kodiak.  A native of Florida, Amanda uses her photography to experience her journeys with her. She loves showing others the world the way she sees it.


Sylwia Ok

Landscape and Portrait Photographer

Sylwia moved to Kodiak, AK,  in June 2011.She was born in Poland in 1977 but found her home in Florida in 2003. Her journey with photography began shortly after she moved to Key West when she got a first digital camera. She gradually progressed from point-and-shoot camera to dSLR and become more and more passionate about capturing the world and people around her. Even though she has a Master degree in Economics and was successful in her career in Accounting/Engineering world, she devoted each weekend and free time to photography.

She completed course in Professional Photography at New York Institute of Photography and now is working on her second degree, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

With her move to Kodiak, she decided to proceed with her dream career and opened her photography business in December of 2011. She currently focuses on Maternity, Newborn and Children Photography, but in addition she also creates Landscape Art Prints and restores old Images.

She enjoys the outdoors and love capturing the beauty of Kodiak Island. She is one of the founders of Kodiak Camera Club and leads monthly PhotoWalks.

Sylwia’s work is featured in the 2nd edition of “Kodiak – Alaska’s Emerald Isle”.

Sylwia is a proud member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America, NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals and INP (International Association of Newborn Photographers).

Call me: 941.224.0550

Follow me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/SylwiaOkPhotography

Fine Art Website: http://www.sok-photo.com

Portrait Website: http://www.sokphoto.com


Marion Owen Photography

Born and raised in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, Marion developed a love for the outdoors thanks to my parents’ gentle prodding. This love became more tangible when they gave her  a Kodak Brownie camera, which sparked a fascination with picture taking. Ever on the lookout for visual treasures, Marion explored tide pools, bumblebees, icicles, snow, and wildflowers—a practice she continues to this day.

In the mid 1970s she went to sea, working as marine science technician and later as a licensed Merchant Marine Officer. She documented shipboard life by writing letters and including photographs printed in the ship’s darkroom. Then, in 1984 Marion found a home ashore in Kodiak, Alaska. With a camera in one hand, she picked up a shovel and pen in the other, becoming a passionate organic gardener. With her husband, she operates the Cliff House B&B, runs wildlife photo tours and gourmet dinner cruises on their yacht. Marion also conducts popular photography workshops.  See more of her work and explore her workshops at www.marionowenphotography.com.


Adina Preston Photography

As far back as she can remember, Adina has been motivated to capture a sense of beauty and art from her surroundings, and to translate that into her design and photography work. In the thriving arts scene of her native Bucharest, Adina was intrigued by the play of light and shadow across the eclectic mix of neoclassical, Bauhaus and Art Deco. She honed her skills capturing the various moods of the old beautiful city - the somber grays of winter and the bright summer markets, the interesting faces and the life going on around her. 

Later, in Miami, she found herself captivated by the bright tropical light and colors of south Florida, and had to discover an entirely new palette to document this scene. Now living in Kodiak, Adina has found a new and mysterious northern light to document. The strange light, shadows and mists of this ruggedly beautiful island are often best captured in classic photography. Adina received her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Management in Bucharest, and has worked as a freelance designer and photographer since 2008. Her portfolio can be viewed at www.adinaprestondesign.com."

Please enjoy Kodiak as viewed through the lens of Adina Preston!  


Lisa Sands

Lisa Sands is an Alaskan Girl who brings the incredible beauty of The Last Frontier to you through her creative photography.

Lisa was born and raised on Kodiak Island, in Southcentral Alaska. She spent a few years down in the Lower 48, but just couldn’t stay away from Alaska, so she finally returned to Kodiak. There she did what she loved:  photographed the gorgeous landscapes, colorful plants and flowers and the amazing animals including the Kodiak brown bear.

Lisa and her husband now live in Seward, AK, where she continues to use her love of nature and photography on the new landscapes, animals of the Kenai Peninsula.

See her work at www.alaskagirlphotography.zenfolio.com, or visit www.facebook.com/akgirlphotography.


Dake Schmidt

In 2002 Dake left Colorado after 31 years. His left went on the road with an old refurbished camper and a good reliable fly rod. Two months, four thousand miles and many fish later, I ended up in Homer,  where the beauty of Alaska was overwhelming. With a cheap point-and-shoot camera,  Dake decided that snap shots would cement those moments in time for friends and family back home. Dake has been living in Kodiak since 2004 and has made many significant upgrades. Since planting his roots in Kodiak, he has met the love of his life, bought a house and started a thriving business, MemoryMakers Tour and Guide Service. Little by little he began printing and selling some of his photos and now is owner of Dake Schmidt Photography, dakeschmidtphotography.com.  Dake has been featured in the Discover Kodiak Visitor Guide since 2009.


Carrie Williams

Carrie was raised in Sitka, Alaska.  She has lived with her family, husband Dan and daughter Samantha, in Kodiak for 12-years.  Her interests in wildlife photography began as a young teenager while working on her father’s commercial fishing boat.  Carrie especially appreciates the challenge of capturing the vast landscape and wildlife in Kodiak. “Not many people have the opportunity to experience the moments we do.  I love that I can use my camera lens to bring them up close and personal.” 


Jenna Deason

Jenna has lived all over this beautiful country, but now calls Alaska home and plans to stay permanently because her husband and she love it here that much.  In addition to running her own business, Jenna has a full-time day job, two rambunctious canines and a fabulously supportive husband who is mildly understanding of her late night photo editing habits.  In addition to scenic and wildlife prints, Jenna offers portrait and wedding photography.  Visit Jenna's website at www.Jenna-D-Photography.com to learn more about her photography.


Denise Link

Denise is a Coast Guard wife and mother of two little girls. Denise have always had a love for the great outdoors and is always eager to learn about what she sees in nature. Denise holds a Bacholers Degree in Biology but currently chooses to stay home and raise her daughters. Denise has only recently gotten into photography as a way to share the beauty of nature with others. Someday Denise hopes to start a small photography business and sell nature shots.


Danielle Ringer

Danielle was born and raised in Homer, Alaska and has always been interested in exploring and photographing our world. While completing her studies at Lewis and Clark College she was fortunate to have the opportunity to study abroad in Australia and Italy, where she really began to focus on the art of photos. Danielles position at the Alutiiq Museum & Archaeological Repository now allows her to travel to Kodiak Island villages and she has always enjoy capturing moments of experience with her camera.  


Joseph Classen

Joseph Classen is originally from St. Charles, Missouri and has been a resident of Kodiak since 2011. Along with being a lifelong outdoorsman and nature lover, he is a multi-published author, freelance writer, and award winning photographer. His work is featured on the cover of the 2014 Discover Kodiak Visitors Guide. For more information visit his Wild Revelation Photography website at www.wildrevelation.com


Kathy Greer

Kathy Greer grew up in the Pacific Northwest which provided an endless array of outdoor subjects to photograph. Her inspiration is drawn from nature but her portfolio also includes plentiful images of travel and architecture. She relocated from her home town of Olympia, Washington to coastal Grays Harbor in 2000 where she fell in love with surfing and began to build a portfolio of ocean landscapes. Her interest in the ocean and her surrounding marine environments led her to a career in coastal conservation and she also completed degrees in both color film photography/journalism and environmental studies. Kathy made her first visit to Kodiak in 2009 and not long after relocated when discovering the gorgeous wilderness and phenomenal light Kodiak has to offer. Her website is a compilation of her favorite images, projects, and freelance assignments. For more information about her work send her an email.  website:  www.kathygreer.net  email:  info@kathygreer.net


Jennifer Simeonoff

Jennifer fell in love with nature at a young age. Thanks to her father's 35mm camera, she discovered a way of capturing and preserving the beauty of God's creation and precious memories of friends and family. She now shoots digital photography on Kodiak Island, her home for the past 16 years, with great joy and satisfaction. To see more of her nature photography, visit Psalm 148 Photography on Facebook.


Mike Rostad

Mike Rostad is a free lance journalist who has lived in Kodiak since 1978. He has embraced many experiences of the island: he taught at the Kodiak Christian School and St. Herman's Seminary, was a tutor for the Kodiak School District, the Kodiak College and Sun'aq Tribal Council, worked as a cook at various camps and lodges and eventually became a clerk at Arc 'N Spark Welding. Mike looks upon his diverse experiences as fodder for his writing. He has photographed all of the villages on Kodiak Island. He and his wife, Kathy, a retired special ed teacher for the KIBSD, are happy to make Kodiak their home. Mike co-authored Alaska's Konyag Country with Yule and Trisha Chaffin, wrote The Arctic Willow, a pictorial booklet about St. Herman's Seminary, Time to Dance: Life of an Alaska Native and Close to My Heart -- Writing and Living Stories on Kodiak Island, Alaska.